TrioSuite Retail

TrioSuite has developed the retail system considering all required functionality to help improve your business.

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ERP Retail Software

TrioSuite has developed the retail system considering all required functionality to help improve your business, connect with your customers and increase your profitability. TrioSuite has different successful implementations in various verticals such as sports shops, bakery, pastries, supermarkets, pharmacies, coffee shops and hardware stores where each vertical has its challenges that TrioSuite consultants find a solution.


Sports shops require a solution to manage sizes, colors, and models for each brand such as shoes, shirts, and others. Some challenges are related to the time spending in the data entry. Other are related to how to read the bestselling items with these many parameters so a manager can decide which size or color he should bring more and when. TrioSuite Retail provides a solution with all functionality to save time of efforts by using the matrix wizard, Excel integration, and barcode system, using business intelligence which will allow management to make better decisions.


Grocery market has a huge number of items where management needs to control expiry date, returns, fast and slow moving items, weighted items and many types of promotions.

​TrioSuite Retail for supermarkets provides a comprehensive solution to cover the huge number of items such as different expiry dates, return or exchange, loyalty and promotions, merchandising and space management, cashier management, barcode and inventory management, and much more. This allows business improvement and keeps management updated with what is actually on the floor.


Coffee shops are a fresh items business where owners and managers are looking for a solution to help them control expiry dates for the snacks and foods, keep their customers’ loyalty, and easy way to make daily check and orders.

TrioSuite Retail for coffee shops streamlines the business by providing multiple functionalities for counting existing stock and making an auto order, replenishment, manage the expiry date, loyalty programs and much more.