Triosuite Project Management Service

The Project Management service integrated in Triosuite’s Enterprise Resource Planning software packages include; consultation and implementation built on the top of the standard PMI methodology, process, and the elements of success.

Triosuite Project Management services helps companies to:

  • Build PMO (Project Management Office) – PMO is a center of excellence and leadership that focuses on performance and efficiency. Our consultants have wide experience to help your firm to have a professional and high standard project management office, that can drive your business to success, and identify project management issues to support and facilitate the achievement of organizational project outcomes.
  • Manage business solution implementations especially the ERP application to ensure a successful implementation by focusing on the main factors; scope, time, quality and cost.

PMI Process Groups

Process Group are blocks of project management life cycles. Each group will have multiple processes that consider elements of knowledge areas during each task in the project cycle.

Knowledge Area

Project management knowledge areas include all the aspects of the project management that are required for the successful completion of a project on time with the best output.

Samples of our Project Management Software Reports:

Below are the main reports that we our customers will get from the PM System.

  1. Projects status
  2. Planned vs. actual cost
  3. Cost category deviations
  4. Project cost analysis
  5. Planned vs. actual revenue
  6. Project by status
  7. Projects by priority
  8. Cost by task status
  9. Hours by user
  10. Hours cost by user by month
  11. Resource utilization
  12. My tasks
  13. Issues status
  14. Tickets status

TrioERP Project Management Software Module for IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure companies require a solution to manage estimation, costing and projects execution. The process starts from the quotation management, where customer quote requests are answered. This needs accurate estimation and cost for the hardware, cabling, devices, licenses, labor charges and overhead.
The Triosuite Projects Management module of ERP software provides a complete solution to manage and automate the processes in sales, projects, and accounting. With the power of business intelligence to make users take the right decisions.

TrioERP Project Management Software Module for Communication Tower Construction

Communication towers construction companies need a solution to help them manage the costing of projects using many costing elements for each sales quotation line as well as managing the contract with the customer.
Triosuite’s Project Management software module provides a comprehensive solution to manage customer contracts, estimation and costing where users can build the plan. Auto billing features with other TrioERP tools like workflow and alert engine, will help Engineers and Managers control costs and achieve profit.

TrioERP Project Management Software Module for Building Construction

Construction companies have complicated requirements in many aspects such as materials control, resources planning, cost control, subcontractors and others; which make their business perilous without a reliable solution.
Triosuite’s Project Management software module for construction provides a complete solution to manage the estimation, budgeting, resource planning, costing, and project management. TrioERP projects, finance, inventory and personnel work together to help users get information at the right time with the right format.