Triosuite Financial

In the financial services industry, your accounting
functions are more complex with more regulations,
and finance perceptibility is extremely important.
Triosuite has developed the main functions for
financial requirements such as bank facilities,
auditing, and loans management.

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ERP Software System for the Financial Industry

There are many various companies that need our ERP Financial Module; banking institutions, credit unions, mortgage brokers, and even insurance companies. These financial sectors need complex accounting functions and the ability to comply with industry regulations and audits. The different verticals of these sectors need an ERP system that is just as robust as their business


Specific Challenges in the Banking and Finance Sectors

• Operating in a competitive and complex environment
• Affected by industry consolidation and far-reaching regulation
• Over-burdened by paper-based processes and a lack of integrated business automation software applications
• Balancing the need for cost reduction with the requirements for higher levels of service and new portfolio offerings
• Changing demographics and vigorous competition

Six Fundamental Priorities for Financial Institutions

  • Building a customer centric business model Sustainable growth is only possible with a customer centric mindset, and further rationalization of strategies to target the right markets, customer segments, and solutions.
  • Transitioning to a mobile centric and digitally anchored institution Financial institutions should capitalize on the shift to a mobile centric world by reorienting targeting strategies, product portfolios, and delivery models.
  • Technology management Manage your portfolio of technology assets to emphasize activities that truly differentiate your organization.
  • Leading technology adoption for competitive differentiation: Automation and AI are changing the drivers of competitive differentiation in capital markets, creating substantive effects on operations, talent, and business strategy.
  • Proactive regulatory, risk, and capital management: ERP software systems present an opportunity to modernize regulatory compliance and bring together different storage points created for compliance goals.
  • Integrate systems: Whether core data processing, online banking, marketing, CRM, email, etc., the integration of financial institutions’ systems creates a holistic view of all critical information.

Matured financial institutions have integrated fully automated processes such as customer on-boarding, account opening, international remittances, trade originations, brokerage services…etc. Utilizing an ERP software system for financial ledger automation, asset management, internal procurement, and even human resource management allows you anticipate improvements in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall visibility.


Benefits of Triosuite’s ERP Software Systems Financial Module

  • Improve business performance
  • Facilitate procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes
  • Cut out all possible errors and streamline financial procedures
  • Certify financial reporting and adherence to comprehensive, controllable accounting
  • Spend less time on data consolidation and more time on data analysis
  • Gain strong fiscal control

TrioERP Cloud Based System for Financial Institutions

Triosuite has developed the main functions of the ERP Financial Module for this industry’s specific requirements; these different verticals help companies manage their assets, cash, liquidity, quality, cost, and customer satisfaction. Most of the industries verticals are covered with simplicity; Triosuite will help you drive your business, win more deals, maximize profit, utilize assets, and reduce costs.

Triosuite is the best partner who will help you to move your business to the next level.